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Empowering remote teams with mental wellness & learning tools through AI & VR technologies


Virtual Reality Training

An Immersive Learning Experience

Our VR learning platform provides your teams with an immersive learning experience, allowing them to engage in their learning and development process fully.


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With our end-to-end learning platform, your people will have access to on-demand and personalized learning through life-like scenarios, where they can practice skills and increase their retention and overall engagement in a safe and structured environment.


Meela 24/7 AI Companion & Chatbot Coach 

Maintain your well-being and reinforce your progress with our AI assistant coach chatbot, Meela. Anytime, anywhere.

Progress Reports

Personalized progress reports
and health tracking

Personalized Business & Executive Coaching

Weekly video chats with your personal coach.
Anytime texting.




Meela: 24/7 AI Business Companion & Chatbot Coach

Meela Business

Meela, our 24/7 AI Business Companion & Chatbot Coach, combines AI with science-driven information to provide and reinforce learning material through short and effective text conversations. She can also help you track your mood through the day, manage your learning goals, and is fully integrated with your company’s 360 degree assessments and individual coaching program. Full of empathy, humor, and wit, Meela uses AI, machine learning, and wicked-cool algorithms to help you grow, and to understand you better over time. Meela is ready to chat with you anytime--day or night.